Turloughmore Song

Frank was a key member of the 1963 Turloughmore hurling team when winning the County senior Hurling cup for the fourth time in the Club's history.

Frank Forde was a stylish and accomplished hurler. Frank was a great worker on the field and he played an integral role in the famous Turloughmore 6 in a row success and was a key member of the 1963 team that won the County senior Hurling cup for the fourth time in the Club's history.

Frank, following his playing days, went on to play a big part in the Club down through the years, while his family have and continue to, contribute enormously to Turloughmore both on and off the field. His son Francis was the Galway Coach when Galway won the 2017 All Ireland Senior title. The Forde family in Lisheenavalla will always be associated with the Turloughmore Club

When we honour in song and in story,
The names of our great hurling men,
Whose courage and grit brought them glory,
With teams from the hillside and glen.
​Forget not the champs of old Turlough',
Who vanquished both Loughrea and Gort,
And afterwards dethroned the Champions,
And brought back the cup to the North.

'61 is the year to remember,
In the cool of that dull Autumn day,
When the black and white colours of Turlough'
Were flourished beside Galway Bay,
And the signal for action was sounded,
When each stalwart-he gave of his worth,
To uphold the great honour of Turlough',
And bring back the cup to the North.

The goalie was Madden, Coolarne,
The five foot with keeness of eye,
Whose tactics and saves were a marvel,
As the bullets he stopped like a boy.
Well covered in front by a comrade,
The bold Pakie Burke of renown,
Whose greatness is well known in gaeldom,
From Dublin to old Galway Town.

And flanked on the right by Jim Egan,
The captain who steered them with pride,
While the left berth was held by young Caulfield,
A worthy left-back forhis side,
And with trojans like Gill and Delaney,
Well assisted by Long from Cregmore,
The back-lines of Turlough' were steadfast,
And only the greatest could score.


Centrefielders were Cullinane and Murphy,
The heroes of many a game,
They starred in high-catching and striking,
And made their opponents look tame.
While the treat of the hour was the forwards,
Alphie Glavin with Qualter and Forde,
They slipped through the backs like young greyhounds,
and ran up the scores on the board.

While the full line availed of all chances,
Where Frank Fahy shone out like a star,
He slapped in the scores when they counted,
And kept them well under the bar.
And the bold Johnny Burke in the corner,
With an eye like a hawk on the net,
When his chances of scoring were harrassed,
He passed them to Cullinane to get.

And now for the man at the helm boys,
Who helped them to victory that day,
Three cheers for the trainer Mick Brennan,
The man with the will and the way.
He gave them the drivers when needed,
That little bit extra to win,
May we always have men like Mick Brennan,
To call on when needed again.

Ana a toast to the subs and supporters,
The old and the new all akin,
They all played a part in the victory,
As they cheered for old Turlough to win.
And the black and white flags went a soaring,
And the road that was long became short,
As the whistle of victory was sounded,
And the cup carried back to the North.

So here's a good luck to the champions,
May their ideals be always the same,
To keep up the gaelic tradition,
And never lose sight of the game.
With their actions so sporting and manly,
Theyr'e bound to be heard of again,
So cheers for the brave lads of Turlough,
Three cheers for the County Cup win.