County Final 1961

October 8 1961

Turloughmore 3 – 6    Fohenagh 3 - 4

The game on Sunday was touch and go until the final whistle, but, it was worth the strain, drama, thrills and indecision in the end, making the victory all the more rewarding.

The weather was unpredictable, and the rain made the play unspectacular, if somewhat stirring. In the first half, Turloughmore had fifteen wides as opposed to Fohenagh’s three. The game followed no set pattern, yet Turloughmore’s tactics appeared to be just right for the day. Turloughmore hurled as a team Fohenagh seemed to play as individuals.

The game was a cold hard battle, but at no time was there any confrontations. The referee Paddy Duggan seemed to please everyone with his decisions. The huge crowd in attendance watched as Turloughmore put themselves back in the records after an absence of five years.

Many will say that Michael Cullinane’s goal, a minute from time, made him saviour of the game. However, his cousin Mickey played with brilliance and was always at the heart of the exchanges. While Frank Forde was both thorough and entertaining, P.J. Qualter never faltered. Michael Cullinane designated the downfall of Fohenagh, as Frank Fahy’s well taken point was the point that brought the curtain down on proceedings for Fohenagh.

Alfie Glavin and Johnny Burke struggled endlessly for scores at the front line. At midfield Seamus Murphy Mickey Cullinane and Pakie Burke held reign over the ball many times. The goalkeeper Bobby Madden was most effective in saving the ball. Players like Jimmy Egan, Paddy Caulfield, Mick Long and Jackie Gill were forever in play.

The game became thrilling at three minutes from time when Fohenagh looked like the champions and then two minutes from time it was Turloughmore. Fohenagh’s player, Tony O’Gorman was not himself for the rest of the match after he came into contact accidentally with Seamus Murphy’s hurl twenty-eight minutes into the first half. The Fohenagh players did there best but it was to little avail.

There were many back hand fouls on both sides but these were quickly spotted by the referee. Paddy Delaney went off and was replaced by Seamus Fallon, who soon made his presence felt as he scored a goal. A costly foul by Fohenagh gave the perfect opportunity to Mickey Cullinane scoring a goal and then a point two minutes before the brake.

In the second half L. Mannion's goal for Fohenagh raised their hopes but Mickey Cullinane quickly stepped in to score a point from a free. This composed Turloughmore, but they did not score again until the fifteenth minute when P.J. Qualter scored a point. However Fohenagh fought back by means of A. Glynn who scored two points in two minutes. Fohenagh were becoming quite hopeful only to have them dashed again by Mickey Cullinane scoring a goal in the last three minutes with a point from Frank Fahy setting a Turlough victory as the whistle was blown.

Turloughmore: Bobby Madden; Jimmy Egan, Pakie Burke, Paddy Caulfield; Mick Long, Jackie Gill, Alfie Glavin; Seamus Murphy, Johnny Burke; Frank Forde, Mickey Cullinane, Paddy Delaney, P.J. Qualter, Michael Cullinane, Frank Fahy.

Subs: Seamus Fallon for Paddy Delaney; Mickey Fahy for Seamus Murphy.

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