Quinn Cup final 1971

Turloughmore………4-6   Carnmore………1-2

The final of the Steve Quinn Cup competition at Ballindereen on Sunday between Turloughmore and Carnmore made one and all present at the venue wonder how would this game have gone on a fine day? Rain, torrential at times, driving on occasions and cold throughout, made a mess of the potentially classic encounter between two talented sides. In the second half players found it impossible to remain upright and grip their wet cumans. Free taking was sub-standard in the circumstances and at times the conditions proved dangerous.

Turloughmore richly deserved their victory. Their salient characteristic was the ability to hit the ball and even to the dying minutes of the hour during the heavy rain they could still wallop the sodden sliotar a good distance into a strong breeze. Coupled with this general superiority was the particularly solid defence, Carnmore did almost everything except get scores and in fairness to the players, who recently have been showing their true form, they played far below their best.


Undoubted man of the match was Turloughmore's Seamus Murphy. On several occasions when the going was tough he brought the ball away from the beleaguered defenders. His opposite number, the other star, Sean Murphy, could not hold his feet in the trying conditions during the second half while the Turloughmore man ranged the pitch at will. Turloughmore played with the breeze in the first half and before long Sean Hession set up an attack that proved eventually to be fruitless. Carnmore countered and missed a certain point from close range. P. Caulfield, who replaced the injured Varden, relieved his side from a Carnmore move and Pakie Costello outpaced M. Kenny in front of Carnmore goal to tap the ball to the net under Mick Walsh's legs. Immediately, Tom Duffy collected from a pass to add a point.


Frank Burke, Gerry Holland and Johnny Cullinane descended on the Carnmore goal and Seamus Murphy blazed an easy shot wide of the posts. M. J. Hurney was extended with pile-driving shots at goal but be saved brilliantly. Hard pulling heralded the settling down of both sides and Frank Coffey notched another Turloughmore point. Good defensive play by Carnmore brought about a shuffling and re-shuffling of the Turloughmore forwards. Sean Murphy opened Carnmore's account with a forty yard free that went all the way to the net. Lack of scoring power told against Carnmore who now took the upper hand.


Gerry Holland waited for the break and tapped over a point for Turloughmore. Padraic Fahy replied from a free but Turloughmore became rampant again. Jim Conroy deflected a clearance to his own net before Frank Coffey added two Turloughmore points from frees. Tension mounted as Carnmore held possession in the forward sector but no scores followed before half-time when the score was: Turloughmore 2-5; Carnmore 1-1. With the aid of the breeze Carnmore set about whittling down the arrears but Turloughmore pressed ahead as before. Carnmore were lucky the ball sped wide from a clash in front of their posts as Turloughmore began to produce remarkable speed. Sean Murphy and Johnny Long kept Carnmore in the picture but Turloughmore clung to their advantage. Frank Coffey sent a free shot to the net under the feet of the players lined in the goals. Hard jostling and robust fare, players slipping and sliding and camans flying through the air were the feature of the next ten minutes. While there might have been numerous accidents resulting from the squalid conditions, a sudden flare-up of tempers brought down twenty eight players to one corner of the field. Confusion ensued and when the play was back to normal minutes later a player from both sides was ordered to the line. Soon a player from the other side followed him. When Frank Coffey scored a goal from a Turloughmore free the hopes of Carnmore were forlorn. A point scored before the end made little difference to the winners.


  1. J. Hurney enhanced his reputation between the Turloughmore posts. P. Caulfield, until he retired injured, Johnny Cullinane, and Jim Rabbit were the best backs. At centerfield Seamus Murphy did much useful work and he received able assistance from Frank Burke. Best of the forwards were Frank Coffey, Gerry Holland and Tom Murphy. Mick Walsh saved well for Carnmore, the best backs were Matt Cooney, John Long and Jim Conroy. At center field Sean Murphy tried hard to keep the ball moving for Carnmore but was often on his own in the act. Best forwards were Mick Greaney, M. Hanley and P. Fahy.

Turloughmore: Frank Coffey (2-4), Pakie Costello (1-0). G. Holland. Tom Duffy (0-1) each (1-0) deflected by defender.
Carnmore: Sean Murphy (1-0) P. J. Spellman and P. Fahy (0-1) each

Carnmore: M. Walsh, M. Kenny, M Cooney, T. Walsh, S. Hession, J.Conroy, J. Long, S. Murphy, J Duggan, P. Fahy, J. Greaney, J. Grealish, P.J. Spellman, J. Hughes, M. Hanley. Substitute B.Mc Donagh for P. Fahy
Turloughmore: J. Humey, M. Fahy. M. Morris, P.Caulfield. J Cullinane, Ted Murphy, J. Rabbit, F. Burke, Seamus Murphy, G. Holland, Tom Murphy, T. Collins, M.Murphy, F. Coffey, P. Costello, S. Hession. Substitute: M. Fahy for Caulfield

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