Fund-Raising for Turloughmore Development was serious business, but some of the hair raising schemes the Committee came up with, left one to wonder. Most of those were organised during the campaign to elect the President of Turloughmore.

From the original selling of sites, we had the cycle tour of Ireland, you had the opportunity to win, not just cars, but a race horse. The Darts competition and Spin the Wheel became big business. There were Tea Parties, Table Quizzes, Gala Nights of Fun, Fashion Shows, Sessions of Traditional Music, Seven-a-Side Hurling Competition, and hugely successful Hurling Tournament between Turloughmore and Flynn’s All Stars, which included many Inter-County stars which was organised by Michael Morrissy of Athenry (former Super Valu manager at Flynn’s).

There were night of great concerts by Ann Breen,  McEvoy, and Two’s Compfly. The A.A. Quiz Brain of Connacht, Rose of Turloughmore, Husband J the Year, Knitting Contest, Glamorous Granny, Lovely Legs Contest, Video Horse Racing, Sale
of Work, and Draws for anything from a Connemara Pony to a Christmas Cake.

Pony races came back to Turloughmore after a lapse of many year, as did the Marquee with Big Tom still the king. We had the Bachelor’s of Turloughmore, Loughrea, Oranmore, Athenry, Portumna, and Gaiway City come through to the Bachelor of the County. There were many other events, but the most daring of all come from candidate Frank Burke who decided to be buried alive for 48 hours in front of the Social Centre. It makes one wonder is Fund-Raising serious business or just organising fun and craic, rather than make money.

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