Lets move forward together  . . . . . .



Hard to believe we now have endured over 12 months of lockdown. I am sure you are all wishing some degree of freedom of movement and interaction are soon going to be allowed. Hopefully the relaxation of restrictions will allow our games and training to start and allow some hope for championship action during the summer and autumn months. 

Despite the restrictions a lot of activity is going on behind the scenes in our club. This includes the setup of a new more interactive web site which we hope allows all our supporters near and far to keep up to date on Turloughmore’s progress at all levels during the championship season. In addition it keeps people in touch with our club and ongoing activities all year round . We want to ensure everyone gets the best experience when they log on to this website. Our old website served its purpose but needed a facelift to enhance and embrace modern systems and technology. Our new web site is more streamlined and data compliant and easily links to our social media accounts. Thanks to our web designer, Margaret Deane and Susan Tarpey for overseeing this project. 


Phase 1 of our development is coming very close to completion and I am proud to say very soon we will have an Astro Turf and Ball Wall ready to support all our training needs . Thanks to everyone who supported this project in any way and I hope we can all be proud of what we have achieved and put in place. Our development will match anything that is out there and we can now say we have an Astro Turf of our own for our players and our needs. 


We have an outstanding debt of €70 k on this development and it is our hope to close this debt as soon as possible to allow progress to phase 2 of the development plan. While Covid restrictions are limiting our ability to fund raise,  our development committee are actively working on some creative ways to help here and we will soon be announcing on a project  to help in this  goal. In addition the  ever increasing popularity with our weekly Online Bingo, is supporting this debt reduction and I would encourage every family to buy some books and have a go. In fact since it is on line you do not need to play on the night to win. A nice alternative once a week to TV or Netflix in these Covid restricted times .


Thanks to Sean Walsh we have launched a new development newsletter titled Turlough Times. The first edition was published March 1 and this is yet another forum to keep you all up to date on  the exciting development work ongoing and planned in future months. Feedback on edition one is very positive so stay tuned for the next edition. 


Covid has made short term future plans uncertain but it will not stop progress on our plans for development and our long term plans to have state of the art facilities for our members, our children and grandchildren in future years. I am committed as Chairman to oversee this being put in place and as we progress towards Phase 2 and 3, which includes the purchase and development of lands. I know our ambitious plans will give Turloughmore community, facilities to accommodate all  sporting and recreational needs and be our centre of excellence for decades to come. 


We have come through the first quarter of 2021. A tough challenging quarter on all of us. However with the hope of vaccination roll out , entry of a few more vaccine suppliers , the hope is we can enjoy a year of sport and entertainment come summer and Autumn. In the meantime thank you for all your support to date and take care and mind yourselves. 


Tom Shiel


Chairman Turloughmore Hurling Club.